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                          Pastor's Corner                                           

                                                                       Angels Rejoiced!


I believe that I speak for many pastors all across the globe on this subject.  There are many things that bring a smile in the heart of a pastor of church regardless of the church size. Bear with me while I share a few before I get to my main point.  A pastor is moved and he smiles when the church comes together in prayer.  He is moved when members of the congregation come and pray outside the standard hours of church.  A pastor smiles when he stops singing himself and hears the “congregational choir” joyfully singing at the top of their lungs (louder than the instruments being played) a beloved familiar hymn. He loves hearing pages ruffling when he says “turn with me” to a passage from the Bible. He also loves seeing the parking lot full of people after church fellowshipping with one another long after the church service is over.


Yes, there are many more… more that I could list here but let me get to the main point.  As for “this” pastor, it does my heart good when I see the gospel in action.  What I mean is when one of the members of the congregation grasp what they have learned and “takes it to the streets.”  That is evidence of the true work of God. For instance, when this follower of Christ has read and heard the gospel that teaches in Matthew 10:32 to acknowledge Christ before others and bear witness and believes with all his heart the great commission found in Matthew 28:19, my heart is filled with gladness. Pastors all across the world pray for moments like these to happen before their own eyes.  But that was not all.  To see this work bear fruit much like what we read in John 15:8 is another work that is truly evidence of the work of God.  To see a young man openly confess in front of a full church that he needs Christ in his life because someone in the church bore witness into this young man’s life is another work of God.  What is actually in this young man’s heart is not for us to question or judge, for that is for God alone. But as pastor of your church, my heart rejoiced.


But it did not stop there.  If this young man’s heart was true in its desire to follow Christ, something else happened Sunday. The Bible teaches us that in very presence of God our Father, angels by the thousands rejoiced for the young man by name (Heb 12:22; Rev 3:5). It was an amazing day for sure and this pastor’s heart was smiling.


I am rejoicing!



Pastor Paul

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